Caring for Your Swimsuit

  1. Wash your swimsuit every time you wear it, even if you haven’t been in the water...Knowing how to wash your swimsuit is an important part of making it last. To extend the life of your swimsuit you should wash it every time you wear it because sunscreen, sweat and chlorine could breakdown the fibers. The best product to use is a cleaner specifically for swimwear fabrics and if you don't have access to that, rinsing under cold water is best.
  2. Hand wash your bathing suits whenever possible...Hand washing is much gentler and will preserve the shape of the garment.  When drying roll it up and softly press down on the suit to remove excess water.
  3. Always air dry your swimsuits and refrain from laying your suit out in direct sunlight to dry as it could break down the spandex in your suit and deteriorate the intensity of the colors.
  4. Don't mix colors...For brighter colors (neon's), be cautious when drying them on white surfaces or lighter colored furniture as the dyes could bleed and stain.
  5. Watch where you sit...Be careful when resting directly on cement or other pool surfaces as they could be prone to snag your suit which pills the garment and destroys the elasticity.
  6. Remember you are worthy

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