Helpful Hints...

  1. The best fitting swimsuit is one that is snug with no gaping fabric – swimsuits expand when wet so when in doubt go smaller.
  2. Shirring works figure flattering magic – it disguises and defines the waist while hugging curves
  3. For extra bust support look for underwire bra style tops and halters with thicker ties so that when tied, they sit softly at the neck.
  4. Always reference the size chart – A good starting point would be to reference your dress and pant size.
  5. Customize! When you receive your suit make sure to focus on the straps of your suit.  Slight adjustments will optimize the torso lengths and bust sizes – straps should be snug, not tight.
  6. Do not be afraid to move around in your new suit before your reveal therefore pop a squat or take a seat! The intention is to make sure that the coverage fits your needs so that whether you’re lounging pool side or riding the waves that you’re worry free and living in the moment.

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