A word from our team:

As we relaunch our site we feel a renewed sense of excitement and possibility.  As individuals we long to connect with each other and having a direct relationship with our customer is something we have been missing.  Given our history, you've likely already worn one of our swimsuits at some point, though under a different label, and the relationships we've built with our retail partners have been amazing - even in most recent times - but we've missed the direct interaction.  When Marta started this company over 50 years ago her focus was offering stylish swimwear that fits and flatters lifestyles both in and outside of the water - and while trends have come and gone the fact remains that you can't reinvent the classics...but you can evolve them.  Modern versions of silhouettes that were popular decades ago, are the best sellers today - staying authentic to our purpose is what's lead to the longevity of our business. 
Our brand is for women who know who they are – and embrace all elements of themselves – Curvy. Straight. Round. Rounder.  They are proud of who they are, and the journey’s their lives have taken.  A community of mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, nieces, spouses – warriors – whose very experiences they have had in their lives shape them into who they are today – 
Individuals who are used to putting others first and may have some hesitancy when thinking of and prioritizing themselves, especially as it relates to purchasing a swimsuit…which is where our team at SwimSpot comes in.  Our carefully curated products are centered around solutions – swimwear that fits style, flatters curves and supports their lifestyle – suits that empower and inspire confidence.
Did you know that more than 50% of customers prefer friends and family style advice over their own, especially as it relates to swim purchases?  We understand how emotional this experience can be and want to remove the stigma of negativity around this.  Our mission is to foster a culture of positivity, inclusivity and a celebration of personal style so that they can live in the present and enjoy the swim they're in.
You've waited long enough - great ready to fall in love with every piece from SwimSpot that is thoughtfully made for you.

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