Women's Swimsuit Coverups

Whatever your preferred beach style is, you can find cover ups that make you feel like the queen you are. Just add sunshine and you’re ready to go.

No bathing suit is complete without the perfect cover up. After all, when it’s time to take a break from your swim to take a stroll in the sand, partake in pool party food, or have a jaunt down the boardwalk with loved ones, you need something to keep you covered.

Trendy Beach Cover Ups for Every Style

Are you an understated, sporty type of person? You’ll love our simple, crazy comfortable Adored dress.

Looking for a sheer, sarong-style piece for a breezy look with plenty of coverage? Ditch that pair of pants in your beach bag and tie our Pareo skirt around your waist to accentuate your curves.

Maybe you’re the kind of girl who loves a sweet, romantic look? Check out the beautiful lace details on our Crochet Poncho.

Or maybe you prefer an elegant, timeless look. In that case, you’ll love the simplicity of our Kimono dress with beautiful gold detailing along the hem.

And if you never met a color you didn’t like, you can reach for our Multi-Colored Cover Up dress that radiates tropical sunshine.

Whatever your fashion statement of choice, you’ll be ready for the summer with our cover-ups. We offer simple, classic colors like black, white, and navy, but you can also find a beachy coral (best when paired with a fruity drink, if you ask us).

Fit Features and Sizes to Make Every Woman Feel Fabulous

If you ask us, cover ups should be more than just a baggy dress. They should be the perfect complement to your personal style, and they should always make you feel comfortable strutting your stuff.

At SwimSpot, we founded our brand to give women swimwear that actually fit. 50 years later, we’re industry leaders in fit, and we always prioritize a great fit to help our customers feel like their most fabulous selves.

That’s why you’ll find size options to fit every woman, from petite to plus size, size small to extra large. And because we’re all about fit features that make you feel confident, you’ll find a variety of cuts in our store for your perfect silhouette--and lots of adjustable options so that you can always have the perfect fit for your body.

Meet Your New Favorite Beach Clothing

If you agree that cover ups should have just as much style as the bathing suit underneath, you came to the right place. We’re all about empowering women through swimwear--and the clothes you put over your bathing suit.

So instead of reaching for the same old boring dress, reach for something that shows how fabulous you are, whether you’re hanging out by the pool, jamming at a beach party, strolling down the boardwalk, or just taking a break from the waves.

Keep scrolling to meet your new favorite summertime look.

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