Swimsuits With Shorts

Around here, we think women should always feel like their most confident, comfortable selves. That starts with comfortable swim bottoms. So if you’re tired of struggling with bikini bottoms, we say it’s high time to discover the magic of swim shorts.

While some women swear by itsy bitsy bikini bottoms, that’s not quite your style. Maybe you’re the type who loves an active day on the water, or maybe you just want a bit more coverage than the average bikini bottom.

Swim Shorts with Superior Coverage and Support

Think of swim shorts as everything you love about a two-piece swimsuit (lightweight, easy to move in, easy to wear, and a breeze to take on and off) but with more support and coverage. And we’re here to tell you that swim shorts can pack just as much style as any bikini.

Like our Good Karma Jump Start swim shorts, for example. You might not know it, but these are our bestselling women’s swim bottoms in our whole store! As soon as you try yours, you’ll know why. We like to think of them as everywhere-under-the-sun shorts--they’re crazy comfortable, offer just enough coverage and support, and use our signature NEXTflex fabric to keep you cool.

Or, if you want a longer pair of shorts that can transition seamlessly to the boardwalk, look no further than our Good Karma Shoreline board short. They’re looser, longer, and just as comfortable.

Better still? You can find your go-to swim shorts in a wide variety of colors perfect to make a fashion statement (and mixing and matching with your favorite bikinis, of course!) So whether you want a light, summery blue or a clean, classic black, we know you’ll find colors you love.

Guaranteed to Fit Perfectly

Our founder, Marta, grew up in the Southern California sunshine, and she got tired of shopping for women’s swimwear that didn’t fit well. So, she founded SwimSpot, and 50 years later, we’ve built our brand on providing high-quality women’s swimsuits as an industry leader in fit.

So whether you rock swim shorts or bikinis, we guarantee you’ll feel comfortable on the beach when you buy a suit from us. Every SwimSpot piece is expertly crafted with quality fabrics, based on 55 years of experience and feedback from our beloved customers.

The result? A style that will always make you feel amazing, whether you’re diving into the water, strolling the sand, or making an entrance at your friend’s pool party.

Hit the Beach Ready for Any Adventure

We believe in the restorative power of the beach and the water. We also believe that a bathing suit should be just as much a fashion statement as anything in your wardrobe--and it should be just as comfortable.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to meet your new favorite swim shorts. Pro tip: order extra! We guarantee you won’t want to swim in anything else.

We’ll see you in the sunshine.

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