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Larger Bust & Slimmer Hips

Larger Bust & Slimmer Hips

We've got some pointers to help you find the best bathing suits for large busts, curvy, and plus size women. We know having a larger bust can pose some swimwear difficulties, but we are all about highlighting these assets and working them to your advantage. We've got flattering plus size swimsuits, dd cup swimwear with underwire support, and silhouettes with tummy control.

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Typically wears size: Medium or Large

Additional tips for larger bust & smaller hips

Mix and match your swimsuit with a solid top and printed bikini bottom. When it comes to large bust swimwear, solids are good at camouflaging, and can create the illusion of a smaller bust.

Bottoms matter. Opt for tie side or strappy side details on your swimsuit bottoms. These will bring balance to your shape!

Zippers will do the trick! They will provide adjustable coverage and support on top.

Best Swimsuits For Big Busts

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be a challenge, especially when you’re hoping to combine style, comfort, and fit. Fortunately, we’ve curated a collection of supportive swimwear for big busts that represent the best of all worlds. Shop for large bust swimwear to discover your favorite new look right here at SwimSpot!

Bikinis, Tankinis, One Pieces, and Beyond

We understand that no two women are exactly the same. That’s why we’ve stocked our collection with a broad range of styles in swimsuits for big busts and slimmer hips. Select your ideal level of coverage using our Fit Specialist, then shop an unrivaled selection of large bust swimwear ranging from boldly revealing to modestly chic. Flattering, draped tankinis, elegant one piece swimsuits, retro-inspired bikinis, and sophisticated athletic designs are just a few of the styles you’ll find in our collection.

Discover the Perfect Blend of Style and Fit at SwimSpot

We’re pleased to offer an unmatched selection of swimsuits for big busts for every season, mood, and figure. For help finding something special, or for help placing an order, we invite you to reach our expert staff at (877) 684-7946, or connect with us anytime via email at

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We’ve put together the best swimsuits for big busts to show off your natural shape! Select from the silhouettes below, depending on your personal preference of more or less coverage and we'll show you the styles you'll love.

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