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Larger Bust & Slimmer Hips

Larger Bust & Slimmer Hips

This one goes out to all the big chested babes! We know having a larger bust can pose some swimwear difficulties, but we are all about highlighting these assets and working them to your advantage.

Meet Nikki

Typically wears size: Medium or Large

Additional tips for larger bust & smaller hips

• Mix and match your suit with a solid top and printed bottom. Solids are good at camouflaging, and can create the illusion of a smaller bust.

• Bottoms matter. Opt for tie side or strappy side details on your bottoms. These will bring balance to your shape!

• High necks are for you girl! They make the illusion of a smaller cup, while still being ultra supportive.

select your desired coverage

We’ve put together the best swimsuits for large busts to show off your natural shape! Select from the silhouettes below, depending on your personal preference of more or less coverage and we'll show you the styles you'll love.

Less Coverage More Coverage
Less Coverage More Coverage