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Smaller Bust & Fuller Hips

Smaller Bust & Fuller Hips

Hey small-busted babes, time to show off what you’ve got! We understand that it can be hard to find a set where both pieces fit perfectly, but with our endless combinations of swimsuits for small busts you will never have to settle for an unflattering top or bottom again!

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Typically wears size: Small or Medium

Additional tips for smaller busts & fuller hips:

• Looking for more bum coverage? We suggest keeping the bottom silhouette simple, like tab sides and fold over waists for better coverage to keep you comfortable all day long.

Seamless swim is on the rise, and you lucky ladies get to rock the trendiest styles.

• Those legs were made for lengthening! Try a bikini bottom or one piece with high hip lines. This creates the illusion of a longer leg!

• A one piece twith molded cups and a line that breaks up the chest from the rest of the suit creates the illusion of an enhanced bust. Va-va-voom!

• Molded cups that give extra left are perfection for your body type!

select your desired coverage

We've put together the best pieces to show off your shape! Select from the silhouettes below, depending on your personal preference of more or less coverage and we'll show you the styles you'll love.

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Less Coverage More Coverage