Swim Spot Muses


It's time to #CelebrateYou

We've joined forces with the women of CELEBRATE THE GRAY, a gray-haired modeling agency, whose mission is to become the vehicle for change for women to stand up and say β€œhey look at me, I’m older, beautiful, relevant and important.”


Stephanie, 59

Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Age Disrupter, Founder of Celebrate the Gray

My style is sporty and easy but I love to shake things up by mixing and matching. The attention I received from the Swim Specialists helped me learn things about my body and styles that I was missing because of the personal stories in my head. Sometimes it's hard to see our unique beauty, so it helps for someone to remind us of this. I can't wait to get outside this summer... whether it be at the beach, the pool or a backpacking trip with my family. It's time to get out there and try new things and that includes new swimsuits. πŸ‘™

Her Fav Picks

Marie, 52

Courageous, Creative, Loving, Lifelong learner, Joyful wife, and mother to three amazing human beings.

I love to move and am excited to try a new activity this summer like stand-up paddle boarding. I love being on and around the water, so I think this will be the perfect outside endeavor for me. The sporty styles offered at SwimSpot are so versatile and comfortable and the fact that I can mix and match the tops and bottoms to create new looks gives me so many options. I feel free to do what I want to do without worrying about the fit, it's so freeing and empowering.

Her Fav Picks

Adelina, 64

Creative, Positivity dealer, Curious, Contemporary.

I love the summer and am excited to partake in activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. It'll also be nice to simply enjoy some of the vitamin D from the sun. I was thrilled to find the perfect swimsuit that highlights my shoulders (I take every opportunity to show them off 😁) - the ruffled neckline gives it added dimension and I feel so elegant and comfortable in it. I love to travel and the versatility of this suit gives me so many options - I can wear it in the water, with a short when I am playing with my grandchildren or even add a sarong for an evening look with friends. Summer, here I come!

Her Fav Picks

Melissa, 55

Curious, Dedicated, Fun, Lifelong learner, Passionate, Creative.

I consider my style classic and feminine, but I also like to be able to move in the water. We play a lot of pool games as a family: pool volleyball is a family favorite! And we spend a lot of time on the coast of South Carolina jumping waves so it's important that my swimsuits look good, stays put yet allows me to move comfortably so that I can have fun! I especially love my new one piece suit from Athena in the classic black color. The straps are adjustable and there's slight rouching at the waist which is supportive and comfortable - even when swimming laps πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ! The fabrics are super flattering and forgiving and the best part is that I can throw on a cover up, like the plush terry hooded tunic, and head to lunch while feeling put together!

Her Fav Picks

Cara, 58

Empty nester, Mindset maven, Inner critic tamer, Stylista.

I love to showcase my personality through color (and love a red lipstick! πŸ’‹) plus there's always room to accessorize. The Athena line designed by SwimSpot is made for real women... and let me tell you, adjustable straps are a game changer! I loved having a Swim Specialist help me with my selections because I was buying my pieces too big, and they weren't complimenting my shape. The fabric in the suits hug your body in a flattering way yet are comfortable and breathable. It was important that I found suits to match my activities, some days I want maximum sun protection and other times I want to feel sexy and elegant - and SwimSpot delivered some amazing options! I cannot wait to wear them this summer!

Her Fav Picks