Beach Riot Swimwear

Designed to speak to your inner rebel, Beach Riot swimwear features sexy looks geared to help you stand out in a crowd. Stunning designs and bold patterns give these swimsuits a unique look that speaks to contemporary trends while still maintaining a distinctive style. Designed to empower every woman, Beach Riot swimsuits encourage you to embrace your inner confidence and creativity and live life to the fullest. Whether you’re roaming the streets on a hot summer day or working on your sun-kissed glow by lounging in the sand, you are guaranteed to feel on top of the world in a Beach Riot swimsuit.

Styles That Speak to Every Woman

Created by Newport Beach native Nicole Hanriot, Beach Riot swimwear is unapologetically bold while still incorporating a range of classic styles that will speak to every woman. The plunging necklines and bikini tops trimmed with leopard print are perfect for creating a more sultry look, while black one-pieces offer more coverage for women that want to slim and shape their body while embracing a versatile, sophisticated style. Whatever you’re searching for, Beach Riot is sure to have a suit that is perfect for you.

Find Your Perfect Beach Riot Suit Today

Bold patterns and rebellious designs are at the heart of every Beach Riot swimsuit. By refusing to think inside the box, Beach Riot swimwear encourages you to live life with no apologies, embrace your wild side, and let loose. Find your inner rebel with a Beach Riot swimsuit from SwimSpot today!