Havaianas Sandals

A widely known and highly adored footwear brand, Havaianas sandals are the perfect combination of materials that evoke both durability and comfortability. Their distinctively textured soles are pillow-soft, ensuring optimum levels of comfort for your feet every time you slide into your shoes. Available in a variety of colors and designs, these shoes are exactly what your vacation wardrobe has been missing.

Innovative Footwear

Havaianas sandals first appeared on the market in 1962, modeled after a traditional Japanese flip-flops made of rice straw. The use of rice straw in the original sandal was the inspiration for the rice-like texture on the soles that distinguishes Havaianas from other brands of flip-flops. The brand grew quickly, becoming a staple in Brazilian homes by 1980 and spreading throughout the rest of the world by 1999. Today, Havaianas’ exciting colors and fun designs have made them a necessary addition to every closet.

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A leading brand in comfortable beachwear, Havaianas sandals are the perfect complement to every summer outfit. Their variety of colors, comfortable engineering, and minimal appearance make them a charming addition that will match all styles and trends. If you’re ready to get your new favorite a pair of flip-flops that are made to last, explore our collection of Havaianas footwear at SwimSpot today!