LUXE by Lisa Vogel

Inspired by the world of high-fashion, LUXE by Lisa Vogel makes sophisticated, high-end swimwear available to every woman. Perfect for the pool-loving woman, this elevated and creative swimwear line is designed to accentuate any woman’s best features. By incorporating innovative fabrics, textures, and hardware details, this brand of innovatively-designed swimwear brings the best of contemporary fashion and style to your next vacation!

A Swimwear Line With a Unique Style

Inspired by the Southern California sunshine and Lisa’s worldwide travels, LUXE by Lisa Vogel combines smart and sexy to create a swimwear line with a unique style. From quick drying velvet tankini tops to a shiny seequeen maillot, this exciting line is always striving to produce never-before-seen styles that fit your frame and forgive your imperfections. With high-quality fabrics and designs that are good for all body types, this collection of swimsuits is sure to inspire you to plan your next beach day, simply to show off your newest purchase.

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LUXE by Lisa Vogel swimwear is designed for the stylish fashion-lover inside every woman. Whether you are looking to blur your imperfections with an elegant tankini, or emphasize your curves with a long-sleeve one-piece, you’ll always be able to find exactly what you need in this innovative swimwear line.