Stone Fox Bikini Styles & One Pieces

When it comes to creating the perfect beach-ready look, there’s nothing quite like a Stone Fox bikinis. Stone Fox swimwear is designed to capture the best of the California lifestyle through bold prints, eye-catching colors, and form-fitting cuts that can turn anyone into a California beach babe. If you’re craving the sand between your toes and the ocean breeze in your hair, then you definitely need one of these Stone Fox bikinis or one piece suits.

Born and Bred in California

Founded in 2012 by LA-based designer Chelsea Bell, Stone Fox was born and bred in the heart of California. Chelsea was inspired by the free-spirited beach community of Santa Cruz, and her commitment to supporting California neighborhoods continues to this day. Each Stone Fox bikini or one piece is created with care in downtown Los Angeles, and the commitment to quality has made Stone Fox Swim a major player in the global swimwear market.

Find Your Stone Fox Bikini Today

Although Stone Fox swimwear has a distinct California vibe, the beautiful designs and eye-catching fit of these suits exude a globally-minded look and feel. Whether you are looking to make a statement on the beach or you are simply searching for a skimpier bikini that is guaranteed to have all eyes on you, Stone Fox is sure to have exactly what you need. Find your perfect Stone Fox bikini or one piece swimsuit at SwimSpot today!