VYB Swimwear

VYB Swim - curated by a tribe of coastal babes with one thought in mind... designing a bikini for our every vibe. Fueled by real designers and content creators, we are a community presenting a unique collection for girls to discover and express their current mood. Experience the best and most current styles from this beloved brand right here at SwimSpot!

Why This Brand is So Cool

We are #upcycling. VYB uses rescued fabric destined to end up in landfills. Instead of creating more waste, we’re making treasure out of someone's trash. Feeling green yet?

These suits are limited edition. Since we only have so much fabric of each kind, we can only produce so many of one style. So when our suits are gone - they’re gone for good! You better get on that new product quick!

We pride ourselves on fast turnaround. Since our warehouse is only a hop, skip & a jump away, we are able to make new suits quick... dependent on what you ladies are #vybin on. Sustainability matters.

Discover the perfect swimsuit to express yourself this season. For help selecting the perfect VYB suit or for help placing an order, we invite you to reach us at (877) 684-7946 or by email at CustomerCare@SwimSpot.com.