5 Things to do in Tahiti: As Told by @ChelseaKauai

If you’re not following Chelsea Yamase on Instagram, you’re missing out. The Hawaii native documents her travels around the world- finding beauty wherever she goes whether it’s camping, skydiving, surfing, free diving or hiking. We had the chance to talk to Chelsea as she took her most recent adventure to Tahiti.

Get ready for some serious vacation envy with Chelsea’s 5 best things to do on the island below!


1.Blue Lagoon in Rangiroa - take a boat to a small group of private islands in the center of Rangiroa, one of the largest atolls in the world. Snorkel with the resident shark population or lounge on stretches of completely empty beaches.

2.The Splurge - stay at Le Taha'a Resort in one of their over water bungalows. Dreamy blue water, coral gardens, and delicious locally sourced food - this is Tahiti at its most luxurious and jaw dropping. Literally roll out of bed and into the water each morning.


3.Reva Trek Tahiti - amazing 6-hour trek up a river through 3 lava tubes with cliff jumps and tons of waterfalls. This is a really unique experience especially in an area where many people never get into the mountains.

4.Lunch on a Private Motu - take a boat out to snorkel off of one of the hundreds of small islands and reef passes. We saw stingrays, reef sharks, dolphins.

5.Get Local - there are tons of oceans to table or farm to table options. Try my favorite Poisson cru (raw fish with fresh coconut milk and lime), anything made with locally grown Taha'a vanilla beans (creme brûlée was fantastic), or manoï oil for your skin. There's a French elegance mixed with wonderful island infused fresh ingredients.


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