It's officially March which means bikini season is here in Orange County and will be soon for many of you. With swim season comes a mode of panic for most people - but we're here to help you overcome that with a few easy tips to add to your daily routine.

5 Ways to Get Bikini Ready at Work

1. Park further away

It sounds silly, but parking further away can easily help add in those extra steps you need to tone and trim. And bonus points if you're able to ride your beach cruiser to work! If you plan to cycle to work often, we recommend adding a basket to your bike to hold your purse, lunch and laptop.

2. Take the stairs

Skip the elevator and add in a bit of cardio to your daily routine by taking the stairs. This also gives you a little extra time to reflect and get back on track for the rest of the day.

3. Get up and stretch

Don't power through your work day glued to the monitor. Stretch every half hour to give yourself a quick break and to re-evaluate your posture. Don't undo what you've done at yoga or pilates.

4. Eat Healthy Snacks

We're obsessed with Barnana right now! It packs a potassium punch and is organic and gluten free. Keep a couple healthy snacks stashed away so you don't indulge in the dreaded vending machine.

5. Drink H2O

Getting in enough water can be tricky. We try to keep a big glass filled at all times. And it always helps to have a super cool water bottle to drink it from!

We'd love to hear what healthy tips and trick you have for during the work day.