All Positive Vibes with Melissa Eckman

On top of a killer workout wardrobe, Melissa Eckman has balance & positive energy dialed in. With a passion for fitness and health, she credits a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset as the perfect combination to lead your happiest life! On top of running her lifestyle blog,, Melissa also runs her own company Yogspiration in West Hollywood, California. We had the chance to talk to Melissa about her own fitness journey and tips on how to lead a healthy life (with a little help from our newest Next Activewear Styles)!


1) What is your advice for living a healthy life?
Living a healthy life isn't about being perfect all the time. It's about finding a balance that makes sense for you. You have to enjoy the workouts your doing and the food you are eating. It is so important to find healthy habits that work for you that can stick with you long-term. Short-term diets and burning yourself out at the gym will never be the answer.

2) How did you get into the fitness world?
I worked as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for over 6 years right after college. I saw the effect that working in Corporate America had on my colleagues and peers and became really passionate about showing them that even on a busy schedule you could still balance a healthy life. This led me to teaching workout classes in the morning before I would go into work. I saw the impact I was having on people's lives by teaching them fitness and became super passionate about it. I started sharing my workouts, classes, and yoga practice on social media and went from there!

3) Tell us about your yoga journey and you motivated yourself/ found growth throughout it?
People always ask me how I got into yoga and I always tell them that I didn't find yoga, yoga found me. I had always heard about yoga but never took any classes. My friend I met through barre asked me to come to a class with her and my life was forever changed. I was going through a difficult time in my life and yoga helped me find inner strength, self-confidence and stillness. Every time I make it a point to get to my mat, I feel amazing. I am so grateful to have yoga apart of my life.

4) What is your go to pre-workout snack?
I am not a big snacker and will only eat something before I workout if I am starving. I love something light like a banana or almonds.

5) If you had a 2017 checklist, what would it be?
-Wake up earlier to get my workout done in the morning
-Travel somewhere I have never been
-Spend more time with family
-Take time out of my schedule to meal prep, so I am prepared for the week.
-Spend more time off my phone

6) Any new goals for your blog/ career in 2017?
I just recently launched my YouTube channel with my sister who is also a blogger. Our channel is called Living Eckman and my goal this year is to create more content that people find useful and helpful. Workout videos, delicious recipes and tips on growing their own social media business. My goal is to always connect with more people and inspire them like they inspire me!

7) Out of all the times you’ve worn SwimSpot—what was your most memorable/ unforgettable experience?
The most memorable experience was when I participated in National SUP day in support of Cystic Fibrosis. It was an incredible day out on the water with amazing inspiring people.

melisfit_national_sup_day_2016 Melissa at NEXT National SUP Day in 2016

8) When people follow you on social, what are the thoughts you try to instill in them?
My main goal is to get people to believe in themselves and know that they can become their own inspiration. You can be whomever you want and achieve all your goals by working hard, having a positive attitude and dreaming big. If someone leaves my page feeling inspired by something I have said, then I feel like I have achieved something really great.

9) You’re such a positive person, how do you do it?!
The best answer I can give to this is that I try my best. Life is short and we have to make the best of it. When times get hard, I try to put things into perspective and make others around me smile. I have seen how much further life can take you with a positive attitude. You always have to keep moving forward.

10) Name three guilty pleasures…GO!
-Pasta (all kinds!)
-Binge watching old episodes of Sex and The City

melisfit_yoga_inspiration Melissa is wearing the Next Active Twilight Tribal Task Sport Bra & Malibu Legging

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