Celebrate Earth Day 2017 with Eco Friendly Styles

Making sustainability look oh-so-sexy.

vyb-desperado-one-piece VYB Desperado One Piece

14 million tons. That’s the estimated amount of clothing and fabric every year that’s disposed of by the fashion industry, most of which contain harmful toxins and chemicals that are in turn released into the Earth. The harmful chemicals can either end up in the groundwater when they are buried in landfills or in the air when burned. That’s no way to treat our home planet.

vyb-down-to-earth-bralette VYB Down To Earth Bralette Bikini Top

The fabric that is tossed is referred to as deadstock - which at one time was looked down on in the industry. This is unused fabric that was never sold, used or worn. It often has a negative connotation- there is a surplus of it because it didn’t sell well. Retailors aren’t necessarily willing to announce the use of deadstock in their product. This results in the millions of tons of fabric that’s wasted and destroyed every year.

vyb-wahine-triangle VYB Wahine Triangle Bikini Top

It’s time we change that. Thankfully, as consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, the trend of sustainable fashion is on the rise. Designers have used this to their advantage, finding ways to reuse and recycle materials that have gone unused.

vyb-lively-halter VYB Lively Halter Bikini Top

VYB Swim changes the way we see deadstock by using it to create pieces that are fresh and new while also eliminating excess production waste that reduces the use of water or chemicals used to treat and dye. It also results in exclusive limited edition pieces that can’t be recreated. All of the prints and solids in the collection are repurposed deadstock- shifting the way we view the excess material.

reef-escape-sandal Reef Escape Lux Print Sandal

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polyer, and may be the most toxic. It is a known carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, and yet continues to be used in range of products including food packaging and children’s toys. It also creates toxic pollution that builds up in animal fats through the food chain, causing serious health effects. Long story short- polyvinyl chloride is no good for you or the environment. Reef recognizes the importance of not using this harmful material in their product by creating the Reef Escape sandal. Each sandal is made with 100% PVC free material, which means it’s better on and for the environment.


So this Earth Day, get outside, soak up some sunshine and appreciate the beauty of our planet. The smallest steps can make the biggest difference for our environment. Learn more about Earth Day 2017 at EarthDay.org.