Energize Into The New Year

LA-based yoga teacher Aerial Cetnar inspires with energizing yoga poses to kick off your new year's resolutions!

The New Year is always a reminder to check up on our mind, body and soul in making decisions of what we want to let go of and what we want to improve upon. Yoga is a great way to keep yourself connected to all three. Cultivating energy within you is vital to staying passionate, motivated and dedicated to a better life. Move into the New Year with these energizing yoga poses that you can practice anytime, anywhere:

Side plank – Vasisthasana

Take a spin from a regular plank and find yourself balancing on your palm and side of your foot and stretching the top arm up and behind you, as shown. There are many variations you can take. You may: keep one leg stacked on top of the other, rest your foot on your inner thigh in a tree pose, lift the top leg up at the same length of the arm or grab your big toe from the top leg with your index and middle finger and open up to the sky. Make sure to stay balanced by trying this on both sides.

Aerial Cetnar

Wheel – Urdhva Dhanurasana

Laying flat on your back, keep your knees bent, with feet firmly grounded. Bring your palms firmly on the ground above your shoulders and next to your ears. Gently lift up through your body to get the crown of your head flat on the ground. Slowly lift up from the chest to your comfort level. Allow the oxygen to flow through your heart.

Aerial Cetnar

Wild thing – Camatkarasana

Starting from downward-facing dog, ground on one side of your body and lift the opposite leg and arm up, finding yourself in a side plank. From here, lift the top leg up and over catching your foot on the ground. Reach the opposite arm up and lift up and back behind you, as shown. Lift the hips up to the sky. Make sure to stay balanced by trying this on both sides.

Aerial Cetnar

Boat Pose – Navasana

Starting out laying flat on the ground, start to lift your body up, grounding from your bottom. Keep your arms straight. You may start with your knees bent. If you’d like a challenge, straighten out the legs, as shown. Squeeze and lift from the core. Keep the shoulders back and chest lifted. Breathe! To turn this into an exercise, slowly lower yourself, hovering above the ground and slowly lift back up. Repeat as many times until you feel the energy within you.

Aerial Cetnar

Headstand – Sirsasana

Sitting on your knees, clasp your hands to together to make a nest for your head and set them down on the ground. Lower your head into your clasped hands. Roll yourself in until your hips are above your head. Continue rolling the hips past the head for room to lift your legs up. If this is not in your practice, start with a wall, keeping your knees bent, trying to lift the legs up above you. Patience is key! Being upside down allows the blood to flow through the body.

Aerial Cetnar


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