Fit Specialist: Here to Guide You to Your Perfect Swim Fit!


We know that finding the bathing suit for your body type can be tricky- and for most of us downright frustrating, so we have created fit resources! With over 10 different swimsuit brands available here at SwimSpot and a team full of swimwear fit specialists, we knew it was especially important that we created Fit Specialist- A tool designed to help you understand your body shape and find suits designed to accentuate your figure.

It’s all about the body confidence! We brought together 6 different women with uniquely beautiful body types to help you discover a suit that compliments both your shape and personal style.

Historically, the four most common female body shapes are round, straight, bell and hourglass shaped. We’ve gone beyond that to include a broader range of body types of all shapes and sizes.

Women with the round shape, or larger bust and slimmer hips, have broader shoulders and busts and narrower hips. We know having a larger bust can pose some swimwear difficulties, but it’s all about highlighting the assets and working them to your advantage. Swimwear with thicker adjustable straps, halter necklines and underwire for support are just some of the ways to flatter your shape. See some of our swimsuits for large busts here.

The straight shape, or the athletic body type, have a waist measurement that is less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurement. It can be tough to find a suit that flatters a straight body shape, but it’s all about creating curves with feminine cuts and details! Check out our swimsuits for athletic builds here.

The bell shape, or smaller bust and fuller hips, body shape has hip measurements greater than bust measurements. Finding a set where both pieces fit perfectly can sometimes pose a problem, but with the endless combinations of swimsuits for smaller bustlines, you’ll never have to settle for unflattering top or bottom. Creating balance with upper body details, molded cups to enhance or push up halter necklines are just a few tips and tricks for this shape. Shop our collection of swimsuits for small busts here.

Women with curvy busts and hips, or the hourglass shape, have a hip and bust measurement of about equal size. It’s all about finding the right suit to support and fit your curves. You can play them up with underwire and thicker straps or opt for more coverage with flowy silhouettes- whichever suits your style. Find a wide variety of curvy swimwear here.

The fuller waist shape is all about creating a balanced frame! Never shy away from styles you love- whether it be a bikini, tankini or one piece. Detailed tops draw the eye upward while high waist and seamless tab side bottoms flatter the waistline and create a comfortable fit. Shop all of our flattering bathing suits here.

The petite frame and shorter torso can be a challenge when finding the right suit to fit your small shape- but with a few tips and tricks the right suit is just steps away. The key is to find a suit that tailors to your body instead of overwhelming it with large prints and extra detailing. Sporty high neck halter tops add inches to your torso while low rise bottoms add length to your frame. Find all of our petite swimwear here.

Whichever your body shape, it is most important to feel comfortable and confident in your suit! Our Fit Specialist tool is your one-stop-shop guide to your new favorite swimsuit.