Interview with Reef Ambassador Victoria Vergara

When it comes to leading a sun-loving lifestyle, Reef ambassador Victoria Vergara has it all. This Hossegor, France native is a professional surfer and model who has traveled the world to the most beautiful destinations. We had the opportunity to talk to Reef’s newest ambassador after she visited us at SwimSpot Headquarters, Raj Manufacturing here in Orange County, California.

Check out our exclusive interview with Victoria below!


SwinSpot: How did you first discover surfing? At what point did you know you wanted to make a career out of it?

Victora: My parents are surfers, so they took me to the beach at a very early age. I started to stand up on a body board, then a short board and finally on a long board when I was 14 and decided to make a career out of it one year after.

SwimSpot: What was your experience at the RAJ HQ/SwimSpot HQ?

Victoria: I had a blast! For a couple years now I’ve wanted to get more involved in the swimwear industry. With an artistic mom who makes clothes and my fascination with fashion, it was awesome. I pretty much spend my life in bikinis, so to be able to discuss with the girls about the cut and prints was really cool. They were so nice, I can’t wait to be back in the office and share more ideas.

Victoria-Vergara-Reef-Ambassador Reef Mod Wave Long Sleeve Surf Suit

SwimSpot: What makes you most excited about the 2017 Reef collection?

Victoria: Pretty much everything I’ve seen from the 2017 Reef collection looks really nice. The patterns are vintage and the cut is as well which I like a lot. There are different types of bottoms and tops and my favorite thing to do is a mix and match, which is completely doable with this collection.

SwimSpot: Of the suits you were gifted, what is your favorite Reef suit?

Victoria: My favorite suit is the one-piece swimsuit reversible, the high waist cut is rad and it’s a really comfy bikini.

SwimSpot: How do typically celebrate the holidays? Any big plans this year?

Victoria: Every year has been different. I’m often away from France where my family is now based, cause it’s winter and really cold. But for 10 years in a row now, I’ve celebrated the New Year with my best friend. This year we will be in Paris!

Victoria-Vergara-Longboard Reef Mod Wave Reversible Skimpy Bikini Bottom

SwimSpot: In the past 3 months, how many places have you traveled?

Victoria: This year has been crazy with travels. In the past 3 months I’ve been to England, California, France, Hawaii, China and right now I’m in the Caribbean

SwimSpot: What is your funniest holiday experience and why?

Victoria: My funniest holiday experience was in Brazil with one of my best friends. It was our first time in the country and we had the best time. We have experimented the Brazilian way of life, surfing all day, and dancing all night.

SwimSpot: Favorite holiday drink? Favorite holiday dish?

Victoria: Coconut water and Rougail Saucisse, which is a dish typical from Reunion Island.

Victoria-Vergara-Reef-One-Piece Reef Mod Wave Long Sleeve Surf Suit

SwimSpot: If you could pick one place to travel before the New Year, where would it be and why?

Victoria: I would love to go to Tahiti! To give my friends who are getting married a big hug.

SwimSpot: What song do you have on repeat these days?

Victoria: I’m obsessed with “Russ - What They Want”

victoria-vergara-reef-bikini Reef Latigo FIxed Triangle Bikini Top

SwimSpot: Three words to describe you- go!

Victoria: Tanned, Unpredictable, Funny

SwimSpot: When you’re not surfing, what are you doing?

Victoria: I’m studying journalism, or taking photos. Or chilling with my friends and trying all the different kinds of food of the country I’m in.

Watch our fitting with Victoria here: