Meet the Fit Specialist - Erin Grady!

Introducing Erin Grady! Erin is representing for our curvy girls with a beautiful message of body positivity. Check out our interview with Erin below and get to know our Fit Specialist specializing in curvy swimwear!

Check out Erin’s full Fit Specialist video below for behind the scenes footage from the shoot!

1) What is your message to little girls?
You are worthy.

2) Do you have a life motto?
Everything is an act of love or a call for love so the only appropriate response to anything is with love.

3) Any tips on practicing self-love?
Ask yourself why you aren't worthy of love from yourself and others (because it's one in the same) and then recognize that none of it is true.

4) Favorite TED talk and why?
I've never seen a TED Talk but I watch a lot of documentaries. I have a lot of favorites because they're all so different but I think a brilliant one is ‘The Mask You Live In’. Its focus is boys but I think it can help everyone. When you understand why people are the way they are it's easier to not take things personally and help them instead. Would absolutely suggest everyone watch it.

5) What does it mean to you to be a Fit Specialist for SwimSpot?
I'm so happy to be a fit specialist for Swimspot! I've spent my whole life never able to look at a model and understand how a suit (or clothing for that matter) will look on me. I feel there are generally only the two extremes for body types represented in fashion and I'm happy to be a real representation for those real women whose body types are like mine, that fit somewhere in-between.


6) What is your favorite asset?
My mind.

7) How do you stay happy and healthy?
Happiness is something you choose. Every situation is inherently neutral and we give it it's meaning. So I just choose to always look for the positive. There always is a positive; even if it's hard to find, it's there. Health wise, I don't eat any processed foods, sugar, or meat. I feel so much better now that I'm eating properly! Like an entirely different person.

8) What is your standard morning routine?
There really isn't a standard. My schedule is really random so I don't even have a proper sleep schedule (I know, so bad!) I very much just go with the flow. See what needs attention now and deal with everything else as it comes. This includes beauty routines. Just whatever I feel like haha!

9) Something people wouldn’t typically know about you?
My passion is helping people and I eventually want to be a full time volunteer and travel the world to help others.

10) What’s your most memorable moment of this week?
I have so many. I'm very lucky to live the life I do. I'm currently in London but was in Amsterdam a few days ago. I was taking a train back to the airport and misunderstood how the tickets worked (I bought my ticket from a machine and I guess there were two types of trains and I needed a supplement ticket or something). So when the guy came around to check everyone's tickets, he told me I need to buy a supplement which at the station is €2 but on the train is €10. So I gave him my card and he said they only take cash, but I didn't have any. So then he was going to write me a deferment to pay the fee later but I didn't have an address in Holland for it to be sent to. So the people around me on the train could tell I was struggling and asked him to just leave it and not worry about making me pay. It's so silly but I started crying after that. I was so touched that strangers were so kind to me and helped me when I needed it. Even though it wasn't that big of a deal, it really meant a lot to me.

For more tips and tricks from Erin for the perfect suit to fit your curves, check out her Fit Specialist page!


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