Meet the Fit Specialist - Katie Austin!

Meet Katie Austin! She's an expert on finding the most flattering fits that create curves and show off that atheletic shape- and she's here to help you find yours! For more tips and tricks from Katie about swimsuits for athletic build body types check her Fit Specialist page!

Check out Katie's full Fit Specialist video below for behind the scenes footage from the shoot!

1) How did your fitness journey start?
Well LONG STORY short, fitness becoming my career was both a process of steps but also has been my path ever since I was little. My mom, Denise Austin, had her own television show for 25 years on ESPN and Lifetime, and sold millions of fitness DVDs, so I used to travel with her to film ever since I was 6 weeks old. A bit cliche, but my mom knew it was my passion ever since I was a toddler, as I would LOVE to be in her videos and commercials. My first workout video was when I was around 10 years old, so I've been in the industry for quite a bit! But, it was not until recently that it truly became my career. I started as a D1 lacrosse player at USC, and then became the TV host for the USC station. After combining my love for sports/fitness and TV hosting, I decided I wanted to try to be a fitness personality! That wasn't too short of a story haha, but that is how I started my fitness journey!

2) You give SO many girls great tips to stay healthy and motivated! What’s your go to advice for a balanced lifestyle?
My go-to advice is making your balanced healthy lifestyle PRACTICAL to YOU. Don't set goals or try to achieve fitness plans that aren't meant for you. I know how busy everyone is with work, school, social life, etc. so it’s important to make it easy for you. Meaning you may not have time to workout for 1 hour a day at the gym, so do a 20-minute in-home workout instead. Try to meal prep your meals if you're always on the go. Carry around a water bottle and refill it everywhere you go. Little things do add up. Find a routine that fits YOUR lifestyle, because if it's not realistic it won't ever work!

3) If you had the opportunity to train someone like The Rock what would your three fit tips be?
Oh man! I think HE would be the one training ME! But, I would 1) Show him some fun bodyweight workouts because I'm sure he does lots of heavy weights! 2) Have fun with it! 3)Definitely take him through some yoga :)

4) What is the most rewarding feedback you’ve received from a client?
I think being a health coach and fitness trainer is the most rewarding job of all. When I get messages from girls saying I helped build their confidence is EVERYTHING. Sometimes, it's not about the before and after picture of how much weight they lost, or the abs they gained, it's about the self-love they now feel! And I think that's truly the most rewarding.

5) If you could describe the fit specialist photoshoot in three words, what would they be?
Confident, uplifting, and enjoyable. The suits made us all feel so confident with ourselves as they fit our body types just perfectly, which in turn is so uplifting. And then everyone on set was so enjoyable to work with!


6) What do you most look forward to when you wake up in the morning?
COFFEEEE!! I think about my cup of coffee the night before...

7) Who is number one fan and how have they pushed you along the way?
Definitely my mom. She not only teaches me so much, but she supports me through everything. I work with her on a daily basis, and she always encourages me to work hard but stay true to myself. She believes in me so much!

8) How would you describe body image?
Body image is an ILLUSION. It's all made up by our surroundings, media, in our own heads, etc. There is no such thing as a perfect body. I truly believe that. I encourage girls to workout because they want to treat their body right and become the healthiest version of themselves. It isn't to be skinny because that's the "perfect” way to be. It isn't to get the Kim K booty. It's about learning to love your body!

9) You always seem to be traveling. What are your go to snacks/quick fix workouts?
Yes! I travel so much and I think that's where my in-home workouts come in handy. I love quick workouts that you can do in just five feet of space- aka your hotel room, dorm room, kitchen, living room. I have so many workouts in my guides (and new program coming out in two weeks!) at and my YouTube (link For snacks, I love quick energizer foods. Nuts, smoothies, hard-boiled egg, carrots and hummus are some of my favorites!

10) If you can change one ‘social norm’ what would it be and why?
I think the current social norm is growing big booties and tiny waists- it's kind of crazy how much people are obsessed with that trend. I see this everywhere on social media. Of course, as I said before, all bodies are beautiful. But, a lot of the booty craze is totally unachievable for most girls. Many social media influencers who promote this body type are either 1% of girls, or have had some work done, and that's the total truth. I think it's disappointing to inspire girls to have an insane small waist and the perfect big booty when it is so unrealistic. I think there should be no "social norm" with body types. I wish all girls would never compare themselves and their bodies to others. Every body is different, and every body is beautiful!

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