Meet the Mannequins

SwimSpot is changing the game by entirely removing fabricated mannequins in our Fashion Island flagship location and replacing them with life-size, virtual mannequins showcasing real women of all ages, shapes and sizes wearing our best-selling swimwear for a digital age twist.


These lifeless clothes hangers have fascinated mankind for centuries. They have a genealogy that tells us what we should and should not look like and unfortunately, society has learned to accept this.


SwimSpot has officially reimagined how we create and capture value in store. We teamed up with 30 Collins design team to develop a disruptive retail design that brings SwimSpot to life. Our store stays true to its original DNA with a clean, approachable aesthetic. However, life-size virtual mannequins create an authentic presence—just what the retail world needs.


Since the virtual mannequin screens have been installed, customers have walked by, paused, and taken a sigh of relief. They don’t have to look like a mannequin to wear swim. Customers see a 50 year old mom and say, hey, I can look like that too! Because SwimSpot makes bathing suits for body types of all shapes and sizes, not just one.

Click to view in store loop:

As a consumer facing retailer, SwimSpot is turning a new page and utilizing digital media to improve our in-store shopping experience! Stay tuned to learn more about our virtual mannequins & why they inspire us.