Happy Wednesday Sun Lovers! Today we're here to discuss all things sun protection with Coola's owner and founder Chris Birchby. Don't forget to shop our great assortment of Coola products available now!

SWIMSPOT: What product do you recommend for someone who's wanting to be active while at the beach?

CHRIS BIRCHBY: Any of our Sport sunscreens are recommended, as they provide the maximum amount of water resistance as tested by the FDA. Our Sport SPF Sprays are a very convenient way to apply sunscreen on the go, and are environmentally friendly with up to 97% organic content and non-aerosol bag-on-valve technology.

Coola SPF 30 Sport Spray Sunscreen

SS: What product would your recommend to help with anti-aging?

CB: Sunscreen is the most effective anti-aging skincare product and should be worn everyday. A clean diet, drinking enough water, getting eight hours sleep and managing stress also do wonders for your skin.

SS: Are there any celebrities who use Coola?

CB: Many celebrities use COOLA, including Selena Gomez, Megan Fox, Heidi Klum, Jon Hamm, Ryan Reynolds, and Sandra Bullock among others.

SS: How do you incorporate sunscreen into your daily beauty routine?

CB: Our goal is to make a healthy and transparent formula that feels great as a daily moisturizer as well. Personally I use a Face SPF in the morning and keep an SPF Spray in my car for any quick trips to the beach! (Which I admit doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd like.)

Coola Suncare SPF30 Face Sunscreen

SS: Where's your favorite travel destination?

CB: My wife and I just got back from an amazing honeymoon to Thailand and Bali and hope to go back someday! That said, we really love travelling new places and exploring different cultures, so the best destination is usually somewhere new.

And there you have it -- great tips to add to your daily routine to keep you protected from the sun!