Why Body Positivity is Here to Stay

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First, it was a whisper. Then, a rumble. Now, it’s a roar. The body positive movement is sweeping the world, and for good reason. Designed to promote healthy minds as well as healthy bodies, this campaign is a refreshing antidote to the incredibly narrow beauty standards that women have been forced to meet for decades. A body positive life encourages us to stop trying to change our bodies just to achieve happiness, and instead focus on refocusing our minds and our attitudes to take back power. From the use of diverse women in advertising to better availability of clothing designed for a range of body types, such as the best plus size swimsuits, the body positive movement is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

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Understanding the History of the Body Positive Movement

Many people may think the body positive movement is a recent flash in the pan, but, in fact, it dates back to 1967 (and possibly even before) when around 500 people protested against anti-fat bias in Central Park, New York City. Fast forward to the late 2000s when Marilyn Wann created Health At Every Size, a mailing list for academics to find fat positive information, and then to 2010 when Linda Bacon published a book by the same name, and the movement hasn’t stopped growing since. From fighting against obesity bias to championing for respect, acceptance, and love regardless of body shape, weight, color, or size, the movement has been building for decades.

The Wonderful Message of the Body Positive Movement

The body positive movement has several basic tenets. All people have the right to love and cherish their body, period. Fat doesn’t mean unhealthy. Traditional beauty standards are artificial and unrealistic, even for the women pictured in the photographs we’re meant to aspire to. Body positivity aims for total and unconditional self love and acceptance, right here, right now, in this very moment.

The ultimate aim of body positivity is to create a world which values every person’s unique personality and reconnects us to our innate body wisdom to free us from self hatred so we can focus our attention on the things that we’re truly passionate about. In the end, it’s all about the love.

The Staying Power of the Movement

Staying Power of the Movement

The body positive movement has had a recent explosion in media attention, thanks to the prolific nature of social media. Body positive activists first took to blogging, then Twitter and Facebook, and now Pinterest and Instagram to spread their message of self adoration and acceptance. Photographing themselves in the best plus size swimsuits they could find, or in their favorite outfit of the day, or even in nothing at all, these bold women used hashtags like #EffYourBeautyStandards, #DareToWear, #BodyPositive, #BodyPositivity, and #BoPo.

Body positive influencers have always been intent on taking their message to a global audience, and with the ease of social media, they’re now succeeding in a big way. Swimsuits have often been at the forefront, thanks to the incessant number of fitness gurus telling women that they, too, can have the “beach body” of their dreams.

In fact, the hashtag #GoldenConfidence was created by Selina Weeks of Manik Magazine in honor of Essie Golden, a vocal advocate for all women to feel confident in their swimwear. And thanks to these fab tips from our Fit Specialist, you too can find the best plus size swimsuits to honor your beautiful self this season and all year long.

Ways to Celebrate the Body Positive Movement

Celebrate the Body Positive Movement

One of the main goals of the body positive movement is complete self acceptance. Enjoy the beach in a cute plus size swimsuit. Take inspiring photos to post on Instagram. Work out or learn a new sport. Eat your favorite foods. Just as there’s an almost unlimited variety of bodies in the world, there’s an infinite number of ways to take pleasure in those bodies.

The body positive movement now gives space to previously marginalized bodies, allowing us all to express our unique, individual style. One thing is for sure, the body positive movement is here to stay. Celebrate your fabulous self with the best plus size swimsuits to suit your taste, and rock this summer knowing you’re on the positive wave of a body revolution.